Business Intelligence, The Key To Company Success

Business Intelligence, The Key To Company Success

Business Intelligence, The Key To Company Success

Business Intelligence (BI) is the capability to change data into info and also info into expertise, so regarding enhance the business decision-making process. A set of methods as well as tools concentrated on expertise creation and administration through the analysis of existing information from an organization or company.

From the perspective of info modern technology, we can claim that BI is a collection of techniques, applications and also innovations that permit a service to the team and change the information gotten from structured information systems to do analysis as well as info generation and also enhancing the procedure decision-making of the business. It covers both existing understanding of the performance of the organisation along with an expectancy of future events, in order to provide a body of expertise to support business choices.


Referring to business intelligence, we can differentiate the concepts of information, info and knowledge. Data is something that is vague, for instance, the number 10, while the information is more accurate, such as April sales were 10. Ultimately, understanding is gotten by assessing the information.

Information are the minimal semantic unit as well as are the main components of info. These alone are pointless to the decision-making procedure. A phone number or a name of an individual are examples of data.

The information can originate from external or internal firm sources, can be unbiased or subjective, qualitative or measurable.

In addition, the information can be defined as a set of processed information, which matter as well as have an objective as well as context. The info is beneficial for decision-making, as it permits minimizing unpredictability. The information is transformed right into info to include value.


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